Donald Kerry Frey is an Innovator

Perhaps because he has an impressive significant background as a tech entrepreneur, Donald Kerry Frey has chosen to be an innovator in the area of information consumption and news media in general. In fact, he actually believes his background is what will make him successful with one of the most innovative and impressive new websites in years, which he calls Frey Robotics, which can be found at What will make it a success is Donald Kerry Frey’s fervent desire that more people have access to information that makes people more aware.

For many years, Donald Kerry Frey has worked and studied the media and tried to fashion ways to help news consumers use the information they receive to make the whole world a better place. With Frey Robotics, Donald wants to provide readers with the best information about new technology in a format that promotes better understanding and less fear about the changes technology will bring. If he can create a desire in people to embrace technology in a way that makes them feel less anxious about the future, then he has done his job well.